About me

I started out as a climbing instructor and performance coach before retraining as a physiotherapist when I moved into working in hospitals before joining a Sheffield physio clinic in 2011. Throughout that time I continued to work as a climber and mountaineer as well as working alongside sports clubs, notably Sheffield United Football Academy and Sheffield Hockey Club and I set up the UK’s first climbing Academy in Sheffield.

I am the UK’s only practicing physiotherapist who is also a qualified Mountaineering Instructor (MIA) as well as being a Development Coach with over 25 years of ongoing climbing coaching up to elite level and in the mountains.

Personally, I climb at the wall, on the cliffs or in the mountains; fairly frequently. I also enjoy road biking and trail running with the occasional Sportive and half marathon. I’m working towards running my first Ultra in 2019.

I specialise in elite youth, performance and injury screening and advise regional and national climbers and squads on how to get the best from their athletes. I have also acted as a special advisor to the climbing training and educational bodies (MTUK & ABCTT) on training and coaching protocols as well as delivering training and courses (and technical advice on climbing and physiotherapy) across the country.

I am an active member of the International Rock Climbing Research Association where I delivered my work on wrist and finger flexor/extensors at the international congress in 2018 in Chamonix.

I work with athletes from all sports and levels to treat and rehabilitate injury and improve performance. I specialise in hands and the upper limb and have years of experience in movement coaching and sports and I work closely with many athletes to maximise their performance and reduce rehab times.

I treat with a variety of techniques: ‘traditional physiotherapy’ tends to include massage, movement function training, joint mobilisations as well as exercise prescription. I have also trained in osteopathy and chiropractic techniques and use these where necessary.

I also use acupuncture in my practice which is especially useful for chronic pain conditions.

As an acupuncturist I am trained and qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture and am accredited by the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) – one of the UK’s professional bodies regulating acupuncture practitioners. I am insured by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists to perform acupuncture.