Fun Quiz

Here’s me one year ago. My top grade was 6b. Can you guess what grade this climb was? No prizes for the winner.

It’s not you, it’s your therapist…. probably

I thought I’d put up some reasons NOT to visit a physio/chiro/osteo. If these things have happened to you or are happening, it might be worth going to see someone else. 1. They don’t take all your personal details, neither do they ask you to sign consent and a GDPR waiver. For physios these are…

Beginner doesn’t mean boring

I had a fun weekend running an Intro to outdoor rock climbing course for Rock and Sun. Typically a few top ropes are thrown down and some coaching is delivered. I like these courses; they’re fun and easy. Not so this weekend. Well, it was fun but not easy. All 6 climbers were of different…

How to run an ultramarathon Part 10 – don’t get a bad back

I suppose the message I’m going to try to get across is that motivation is more than just being keen. Yes, I’ve had a bad back for 6 weeks. That’s no training for 6 weeks apart from occasional gym as pain allows! Yes, I’ve been a pain in the arse (according to lovely wife) but…

I did wonder

I’ve always wondered what I looked like when working (I haven’t). My weekend clients duly obliged. Fun day. A bit damp.

Climbing starts

I’m mainly about the running nowadays but I still enjoy taking people out on to the cliffs. Here’s my first day of the season on the ever reliable Wintours.

How to run an ultra marathon Part 9 – mix it up

Treading the same route can be effective for comparing performance but if you want to run an ultra for the first time you will no doubt be training for some time. This means you’ve got to stay motivated. Motivated enough to get out of bed at 5:30am, drive somewhere and run from cold. This messes…