On this page I will put files and links that I have either created myself or have checked out. It is to save you searching for hours online for the best information and to save me hours re-inventing the wheel.

  • NUTRITION FACTS: a great site with thousands of podcasts and videos all, “based upon the science” by diet legend Dr Michael Gregor.

This is a set of articles I wrote for The Professional Mountaineer magazine (2015-2016) on how coaches can look after their climbers with some screening and testing information.

As promised in the articles above here is a full screen for climbing coaches and a simple spreadsheet to help you organise things.

I’ve also done a screening programme for skiers if you’re interested.

I have read and assimilated Dave Macleod’s new-ish book and thought I would review it.

This is an investigation into injury screening young performance climbers. It looks at other sports and the literature to see what is considered best practice. Its a pseudo-literature review i.e. I have tried to make it readable.

Articles for 2014-2015 in The Professional Mountaineer magazine

These are useful websites:

The stuff below I have contributed myself. I am regularly researching things with the climbers at TCA and will report here.

Articles I wrote for the AMI Magazine in 2011 – recently updated and tidied up

More articles written by my good self. Unedited and unexpurgated.