Magic sponges and healing hands….

Often, our first response to injury is the wrong one; we get stressed, we tighten up and experience increasing pain. Demonstrated quite well by footballers – the physio runs on and lo and behold up he gets (I use the masculine on purpose), right as rain. So what is happening? I’m being a physio at…

Are you a gym sort of person?

Full disclosure – I’m not. I mean, I say that but ‘Mericans call a wall a climbing gym so I suppose it’s all down to your point of view. I definitely enjoy hanging out with buddies and ‘working out’ but as you can see, I’m a bit of a stranger to the rows of machines.

Learning, learning, learning

Acupuncture is an indispensable party of my practice and has been for over 5 years. There’s so much to know I am always a little overwhelmed by how much I don’t know. Great to have John Hobbs, @AACP_Physio Chair and all-round needle genius to make things seem manageable.  This weekend, acupuncture for headaches and migraines….

Keep going, don’t stop exercising

An interesting conversation yesterday highlighted the difference in approaches between, let’s say…. me and, well, I don’t know…everyone else. Ok, I’m being unfair. Anyway, some therapists advocate rest. A lot. This is never going to work out in the long term. Why? The thing that hurts might stop hurting if you’ve rested but then you’ll…

Buddy running

Studies have shown that exercise compliance is improved if you enjoy it with someone else. In my case a Labrador – he’s not a natural runner so I don’t exceed 10km but he’s keen. I’ve also started running with my wife. I’ll keep you posted

We love backs

It’s not because I treat a lot of them. It’s not because they pay my mortgage, or because they’re basically straightforward. It’s not even because they’re ‘nice’ to treat (as opposed to feet, for example).  It’s because they’re multi-factoral. Every one is different because every one is different.  This paper is worth a read. I also…

As promised…..

He’s someone with reduced spinal mobility. Wasn’t sure why; it tends not to be pathological, often postural or because of sports – as in this case. Spent some time loosening things up and the pain went away and the spine became more like the fella in the previous post. #belikedanny You know it makes sense

Here’s a fun NYE challenge

Not really but it’s a good test – I’ve used it a lot. It tests the mobility of your spine and your ability to control your spine. It should look a bit like the guy in the video, it often doesn’t. I’ll post a bad example next. Such fun.  I’ve had a good year. Busy….

Ailment of the week

Does this person have: A) medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints)? B) medial meniscus inflammation? C) plantar fascitis? D) Achilles tendinopathy? What are we looking at specifically? It’s a not often looked for symptom and that is reduced tibialis anterior/posterior activation. Thus limiting inversion at the mid-foot in toe standing. In this case in the…