BMC Injury Symposium with Rupert

Rupert and I have just spent the weekend in Sheffield at the above event and thought I would write a few words.

First and foremost it was a great chance to meet up with friends, colleagues and interested professionals – it really provided a forum for like-minded individuals to chat, swap ideas, create networks and generally share understanding.

Secondly – brilliant to have lectures from the legends that are Volker and Isa Schoffel from Germany imparting their knowledge of climbing injuries and working with climbers and young people. Many other lectures were presented and I enjoyed them all – it struck a nice balance for the wide range of people that were there. I think everyone will have learned something.

And lastly – its good to support the work of the BMC and of the many people who give up their time to support the competition climbing community. In the UK there is a scarcity of funds to adequately support our national and regional teams but if we all move in the same direction banging the same drum then hopefully good things will happen.

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