What’s new for 2017?

I thought I would put together a quick round up of events should the seven of you who occasionally look at my website be interested;

Last year I joined THE Medical – a tactical move on my part but I am very pleased to be involved with a big practice that is at the forefront of secondary health care in the UK. This means more access to learning, more collaboration, improved facilities, different clinic locations, greater patient support services etc, etc. The upshot of this is that I am busier than ever and also based at Christmas Steps in town – convenient for lots of workplaces.

I am still at Willowbrook in Bradley Stoke, the greatest family  practice in town.

Get in touch to book.

On a personal level I started road-biking last year and am really enjoying laying down some miles. The weather currently is more suited to running and I have a couple of trips coming up where leg power is essential so have wintered the bike for the time being in favour of the middle-distance. I will be looking into a bike set-up course in the near-future and bring some knowledge to my experience.

Climbing is, as ever my priority. Endurance training twice a week at UCR will hopefully get me strong enough for ice-climbing in the Italian Dolomites later this month and then I will be focusing on fingers for a trip to Costa Blanca in March. Other trips lined up are Cornwall in April and Scotland in June. After that I will probably focus on the bike and get a few duathalons under my belt.

Other than that I have gone back to being a vegetarian – I won’t go on about it (much). Feeling better already, not quite ready for veganism but its a natural trajectory I do not intend to resist.

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