Audit passed….

Every now and then the dreaded letter from one of our professional bodies lands on our door mat requesting evidence to demonstrate we are maintaining our CPD and can prove our effectiveness as practitioners. Then follows the quick check that enough courses had been attended and that there are enough critical incidents logged to reflect upon. A rapid peruse of the classifieds looking for local events you can get involved with and a few discussions with colleagues to produce some collaborative work.

I had one of these in January and I did all the above but to be fair I was in top of it and only had to cross the t’s and dot the i’s so to speak. And indeed it turned, as it always does into a positive learning experience.

I discussed my burgeoning understanding of TCM with a colleague and discovered how visceratomes can be used diagnostically and for treatment. I reviewed an ongoing case and concluded I needed to flag a possible neglect issue. And I went on a yoga course to expand my knowledge.

So, yes I passed and I am relieved but more importantly I am a better Physiotherapist than I was. 

Good stuff audit wallahs but pick someone else next time – thanks.

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