What do physios actually do?

If you chat to your friends you will find a host of different stories; some good, some bad but they will no doubt demonstrate a wide range of treatment strategies. Ranging from being given an exercise sheet to acupuncture to massage to even having your neck ‘cricked’. 

Often it’s not the pain but the patient that determines the treatment; some people are actively seeking a particular intervention and tend not to feel a physio it’s doing a good job of that treatment isn’t applied.

Communication is key to doing the right thing. 

One thing oI have been doing lately is talking about diet. I have absolutely no expertise in this area and talk to clients as a peer and it is very interesting to swap ideas and interests. I’ve switched to a mainly plant based diet this year (it’s going very well, thanks for asking) and I guess people are interested in that, as am I. 

I know it can affect many MSK conditions and an slowly learning as I go along. What is gratifying is the huge amount of food I get to eat with no significant weight gain. Harder are trips to country pubs – previously a favorite thing to do. 

Helping me in this is Michael Gregor’s podcast – I really recommend it. Each episode is only 15 mins and deals with specific issues. If you’ve ever wondered what single thing could you do to feel better, get healthier and live longer – listen to this:


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