How to run an ultra-marathon Part deux

Practice your accents and descents. They are actively different so you need to spend some time working out the best way for you to track them. A few tips;

  • Pacing is all on the way up. Get to a steady pace where your heart and lungs can maintain your legs. You should be breathing heavily but able to speak in full sentences.
  • Use your calves on the way up, bounce on to your toes. Don’t do lots of leg presses using your thighs – you’ll need these on the way down.
  • Land on your toes. Easy on the way up but do it on the way down as well. You should be feeling your toes press against the front of your shoes. So it is obvious but you should have a good shoe. I am currently enjoying the Salomon Speedcross 4s.
  • Drink and eat. Always

Most of all enjoy it.

Pointless otherwise

Check out my run on Strava:

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