Everything in moderation?

I hear this a lot.

It’s normally near the end of a conversation about diet. And then I start to disagree.

If I think about it, it doesn’t work.

I drink moderately but the head of the health services in UK advises NO alcohol is the only safe limit.

I certainly don’t eat everything moderately – I don’t eat meat or diary at all. The WHO lists processed meat and red meat as probably causing cancer. (Quick “big up” to Djokovich for winning Wimbledon again – plant based diet rules)

How about activity? I run, cycle, climb. If asked I would say no where near enough of any of them, not even a moderate amount.

However this trip has been pretty moderate. Ostensibly a work CPD trip with lectures and seminars courtesy of IRCRA I have also bagged some “other” work CPD with a run up the vertical mile to Brevant, some cragging at Gaillands, some mountaineering in the high Alps including an attempt at Dent Du Geant and completing the Cosmiques Arete as well as some bouldering in Fontainebleau.

Not to mention the speed and lead climbing world cup, Bastille Day and food/beer/coffee.

Not bad for a week (a long week).

Home this afternoon. Just enough time for some more bouldering.

Au revoir

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