Butter nonsense: the rise of the cholesterol deniers

This is a well considered piece but not an opinion piece nor does it link to the science so by the end it’s not clear which is right.

I’ve got a history of high cholesterol and one year ago I set out to reduce my LDLs from 7.8 – a dangerous level. My doctor strongly advised statins. I’m basically fit, weigh 84kg, can run 10-30 miles every now and then. Climb twice a week. Get out on the bike when it’s nice. I drink (a bit too much) and I’m an ex smoker – my cholesterol was always safe, even when I smoked. I blame youth, as it crept up, I stopped.

According to the statin deniers and low carb guys I should have eaten more fat and meat and dairy. I didn’t but I did cut out meat. My LDLs went up to 8.0 – more dangerous.

By now my doctors were seriously saying you need statins. I’m not a statin denier but wanted to try something else first.

I moved to a majority plant based diet. Not vegan (I drive, wear leather shoes and eat the occasional cake) but one hell of a lot of cabbage. Bloody love cabbage.

In three months my LDLs came down to 5.2. Basically safe. No high protein, low fat, LOTS of carbs.

I’m still monitoring it. New results in 6 weeks so watch this space. No changes to the diet, a bit less drinking

But will low LDLs reduce my chance of a heart attack? I’ll let you know if and when I have one.

Butter nonsense: the rise of the cholesterol deniers


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