How to run an ultramarathon Part 10 – don’t get a bad back

I suppose the message I’m going to try to get across is that motivation is more than just being keen.

Yes, I’ve had a bad back for 6 weeks. That’s no training for 6 weeks apart from occasional gym as pain allows! Yes, I’ve been a pain in the arse (according to lovely wife) but I’m nearly through it.


Yes, still in pain but now I’ve got get motivated and that means planning. My original idea of a 45 miler in May as a warm up to a longer run in the summer is now shelved but what should I be aiming for? I went out for a trial run (literally) yesterday. Managed 6 miles over an hour with no problems (apart from my 3mile dog complained a bit).

So that means 10 miles will probably be ok tomorrow then we extrapolate from there.

A gradual increase of 10 miles weekly total (over 2 or 3 runs) should see me doing 50 miles a week by July. Then I can compress those 7 days into two consecutive days and I should be match fit by August.

Throw in 5 kilos of weight loss over 3 months (easy) and it looks like the Green Man will be mine by the summer.

Anyone want to join me?

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