Still running, still cycling, still climbing, still treating

2020 is going to go down as a pretty weird year on any metric; is it the way things are now or an anomaly? I’ve had a few existensial crises over the past few months and made a few changes to my life. I was already a commited non-flying vegan and wanted to ensure I was doing the maximum amount to be part of the future, not a problem of the past. Rethinking my entire world view wasn’t necessary but being more vocal about my views has become so.

I hope you share my views moving forward and if you don’t I hope we can discuss this amicably.

Also, I’ve joined a new clinic – Bristol Chiropractic. I’m still at Willow Brook Clinic so I can be found near the centre of town and on the outskirts.

Other than that I remain the same runner/biker/climber therapist.

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