Worth a few clicks at least – a very useful app. Might change your life

I’m always looking at ways to help patients address and manage their issues. I tend to treat the pain, problem then person. Normally in that order.

Pain through massage and acupuncture.

Problem through specific exercise prescription and joint mobilisations.

Person through ergonomics, behaviour change and, often diet.

Full disclosure now – I eat a plant based diet. I don’t mind the occasional cake and eating food prepared for me that doesn’t quite comply isn’t an issue.

I don’t push it (too much) but I believe a plant based diet will help most people get recover from injury/illness, rehabilitate effectively and be healthier as well as live longer.

I am often searching Dr Michael Gregor’s site, nutrionfacts.org to help me inform a patient so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this app. Search for the condition, get the information on the best (plant based) foods to manage it.

Bloody marv.

Download it. Use it. Live longer.

That should have been the tag line.

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