How not to organise an expedition …

At a youthful 44 years old I decided to learn to ski. Inspired by the story of the Telemark Heroes, British Norwegian Special Forces in WWII who parachuted onto the Hardangervidda plateau, survived by eating moss for a couple of months before blowing up a power station thus reducing the Nazi’s race to develop nuclear power, I decided to learn to cross country ski.

The timeline of my efforts goes a bit like this:

  • Jan 2017 – sign up to an unsupported expedition across the Hardangervidda
  • March – change plans to Stabbursdalen in the North (to see northern lights).
  • April – try to convince mates to come along
  • May – fail to convince mates
  • July – take 1 lesson on local dry ski slope.
  • August – use dry ski slope three times.
  • September – realise I’m not very good and ask wife if she would like to go instead
  • October – drop out of expedition. Take wife to dry ski slope
  • November – buy map.
  • December – start training.
  • January 2018 – stop training due to flu
  • March – buy skis and boots for the both of us from eBay for a total of ¬£30.
  • April – go to Norway and hope for the best.

Next – how not to learn to ski.

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