The good thing about being a physio

Is when you develop pain on a long ride you can say confidently what it is. However it doesn’t make you immune nor did it make the pain go away.

Today I have enjoyed patella-femoral pain due to a tight quad on the left causing issues up long climbs.

Also medial planter nerve compression due to SPDs. The small contact area of these makes this inevitable but I’ve not had it before. So time for new pedals and shoes.

Adductor brevis tweak due to instability on that side.

Super tired lats and triceps because my legs are too weak.

See, doesn’t sound like excuses if you know what you’re on about. Needless to say I could have done better today.

Good to spend a day out with David though (even if he does look more interested in his phone) and the Brecons are delightful

Check out my ride on Strava:

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