August’s recommendations

Always looking for things to improve my health, fitness and well-being. Thought I’d share my current favorites.

Book – How not to Die by Michael Gregor. Brilliant read on the science of eating. Worth every penny.

Podcast – Page 94. Strictly for the socialists but the current episode lifts the lid on the problems facing the NHS with none other than Dr Phil Hammond.

Drink – Kombucha. Now available in bottles and with actual flavors. It’s fermented tea and really, insanely good for you.

Cookbook – TBH I’m unlikely to recommend another. Hugh Fernley Whittingstal’s Veg or More Veg books. Brilliant. I cook something from them nearly everyday. Even looking into the raw veggies – he’s made raw kale taste amazing. Try it.

Film – Get Out. A bit spooky but interesting and fun. I was gonna suggest Spy Game with Redford and Pitt but my wife laughed her whole way through, clearly not for everyone.

Quick edit as my fave film is now BlackKklansman. Brilliant

Food – lentil crisps. Like crisps but better!

Dog – Labrador, obvs.

Sport – still climbing. Always climbing

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